Objective & Vision

Valencia Metals Internal Basic Needs Fund

In addition to other charitable projects in which Valencia Metals (Pty) Ltd involves itself with, we are proud of it’s internal Basic Needs Fund, which gives the assistance any employee needs in times of trouble.

We are aware that many of our employees, due to their socio-economic position and present lack of resources, do not have the means to cope with an emergency, trauma, or crisis in their personal lives.

Achieving environments of moral safety is a critical component of creating a safe environment. Making the commitment to social responsibility means that an organization has committed itself to the ongoing search for physical, psychological, social and moral safety because there is a fundamental recognition that all four domains are interdependent and that any violation of a person’s sense of safety will elicit a desire for vengeance. It is necessary for us to understand the primal sense of justice and the outrage at injustice that is a fundamental component of human nature.

Our Vision

Valencia Metals (Pty) Ltd objective is to bridge the gap between your small street trader and the major role players in the industry through our model to vertically integrate all the small dealers in and around Pretoria wholesaling under one flag. Service, integrity, and honesty will be the driven motivation to reach our objective. Supplying limited trade finance, educating and logistical service would be our drive in the market.


Valencia Metals (Pty) Ltd strives to achieve being a client-driven, quality-assured, striving-to-improve company that promotes growth on each level from grass root employees to top management.

Social responsibility is a buzzing phrase … Valencia Metals (Pty) Ltd rather prides itself in taking care of the families that it supports, family being the employees that strives to give their all for the success of Valencia Metals (Pty) Ltd.